Where does your raw cocoa come from?

We are interested in unusual specialty cocoa growing in climatically suitable countries of our planet. Of interest are so-called "Fine Flavor Cocoas".


Do you only use premium cocoa?

NO NO NO. We believe that there is basically a right for every cocoa. The hunt for premium cocoa even makes thoughtfull. Its quite similarly to wines. A simple country wine can be very charming, too. Important is the quality of the cocoa bean. No quality product can emerge from a poor raw material.


Who is processing your raw cocoa all the way to the finished chocolate bar?

We process the cocoa from A-Z by hand in our factory. Our work begins by cleaning the cocoa, then roasting the beans using our own roasting profiles. For further processing, the roasted cocoa is subjected to a complex process consisting of breaking, peeling, grinding, conching and moulding. We therefore cover 100% of the manufacturing process.


What is the main difference to industrial chocolate?

We only process small quantities. In addition, our manufacturing processes can not be compared with those of an industrial plant. We work with a multi-stage grinding process and so-called stone melangeurs. Our chocolates also live from the peculiarity of every terroir and climate in the region of the cocoas origin - as is usual with wines.


What ingredients are in your chocolates?

In our dark chocolate we only add sugar to the cocoa and, if necessary, some cocoa butter. Nothing else. We also avoid adding emulsifiers to change characteristics of viscosity. In milk chocolate we process pure swiss whole milk powder. For any special ingredients such as spices, or nuts, we would point to the list of ingredients, of course.


Why is only fully refined crystal sugar and no whole-grain sugar used in your table chocolates? 

Due to our motto "Chocolate to encounter", we would like to let our consumers experiene what flavor a cocoa develops in a specific area of origin. The typical taste of unrefined sugar would compromise this philosophy. 


Are all REHMANN products made from Bean-to-Bar chocolate?

No. We continue to make our cocoa specialties with raw material from renowned chocolate factory FELCHLIN. Bars, however, are made from our own Bean-to-Bar chocolates. The same accounts for Easter Bunnys and Santas made during christmas periode.


Why are your chocolate bars relatively expensive?

Our philosophy to process raw cocoa in our own manufactory in small batches to chocolate is accompanied by a considerable amount of work. The complex manufacturing process is time-intensive and our batches are relatively small. However, we are convinced the effort and the price justify the consumption and indulgence experience.


Why should I buy REHMANN chocolate bars?

Our customers value craftsmanship, the relationship to Switzerland in general and to Basel in particular. The cocoa we have processed have traveled extensively. Afterwards, however, the entire processing takes place in Basel. If the relationship with the manufacturer is important to you, then we would like to inspire you with our cocoa specialties.


Are there other small companies in Switzerland that produce chocolate?

At present, we are aware of only two other manufactories producing chocolate on a small scale. This means that the vast majority of chocolate sold in Switzerland was produced in a industrial process. The majority of all chocolates bars, available in the Swiss confiserie market, are therefore made from industrially produced chocolates.