The Swiss Bean-to-Bar project would not have been possible for our small company without the support from many enthusiastic people:


Ruedi Berner - Confiserie Berner / Choco-Afficionado from Rheinfelden. Washed with all the waters of the art of confectionery, an inexhaustible source of inspiration on the obstinate path to our Swiss Bean-to-Bar chocolates.


Eveline Räz - Association Yayra Glover / A lively and passionate association president for Yayra Glover. Thanks to her support, we were able to experience an invaluable insight into the cultivation of cocoa in Ghana with the agronomists of Yayra Glover.


Family & Friends / Who have believed in Swiss Bean-to-Bar from the very beginning and have contributed to the project with great patience. 


151 Crowdfunder - / Thanks to their funding the project could be realized on a healthy basis. 151 Early Birds were the first to taste our chocolates and have courageously opened their purse in advance.