ingredient lists


The ingredients lists on our product packaging provide detailed and transparent information on all raw materials used by us. Besides the renouncement of preservatives and artificial colors and aromas, REHMANN also deliberately distances itself from incomprehensible representations by means of e-numbers or other abbreviations and descriptions in ingredients lists. The declaration of our ingredients can also be found on our website, so you can inform yourself in advance about the product of your choice.



Allergy sufferers are being provided both in our webshop as well as on the packaging reliable information regarding allergens for each product. Our products are designed to offer safe enjoyment - also for allergy sufferers.



Each of our products is provided with a recommendation regarding storage. Protection from heat and light, keeping away from foreign odors and rapid consumption will support your enjoyment.


Disposal / recycling

Each package contains a recommendation for correct disposal of the packaging components used. Please pay particular attention to the possibility of a simple disposal of the high-quality and precious raw material PET, especially with the product line MINISSERTS.