SWISS Bean to Bar

SWISS Bean to Bar

In the third year after our company start, we fulfilled ourselves a dream. So far, we had to recommend our competitors to our customers and chocolate lovers when they demanded chocolate bars.

Today we are proud to be able to produce our chocolate bars from the raw cocoa bean to the finished chocolate bar since autumn 2016. Bean to Bar. We did not wan to buy Couverture and simply „pour“ it into bar moulds. This widespread method would make it impossible for us to stand alone on the market or against our competitors.

More than 2 years of development work was needed to master the process of cocoa processing. This time was also needed to get suitable machines and equipment or even to build it. With a lot of creativity, a small budget, a successful crowdfunding and even more enthusiasm, all the necessary equipment and machines have emerged. All which are compulsory for the entire process chain.

Learn more about our work with raw cocoa in the individual products or here in the FAQ chapter.