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10.06.2018, 08:53

After 6 years we decided with a heavy heart to give up parts of REHMANN chocolate. This concerns the production of our own chocolate specialties. Remaining stocks of bean to bar chocolates are available at XOCOLATL ( based in Basel.

16.11.2017, 14:03


With chocolate made from colombian cocoa we are manufacturing this pretty cocoa pod.

04.11.2017, 20:55

Huricans in Cuba

Cuba was also hit by severe tropical storms last year and 2017. It was to be feared that cocoa cultivation were also affected. In the meantime, the cocoa market provides evidence of the extent of the damage in Baracoa - the cultivation area of our cu

12.04.2017, 12:29

AMADO - our Newby

We have sourced Brazilian cocoa from Linhares in the state of Espirito Santo. The cocoa has been processed and the new bar is ready for our chocolate lovers.

17.03.2017, 13:43

The easter bunnies are arriving...

... however, in strictly limited numbers...

29.11.2016, 15:24

After a brilliant start with our Swiss Bean to Bar chocolates, we are already confronted with the acquisition of new cocoa.

11.09.2016, 08:18

Invitation to the vernissage

Finally, we are ready for take off. We start selling our Swiss bean to bar chocolates from our manufactory.

18.08.2016, 15:42

Save the Date

We invite you to join the kick-off event for the launch of our new chocolate bars on october 13th. Save the date in your calendar.

05.07.2016, 12:02

On March 2nd, our crowdfunding campaign "SWISS Bean to Bar" has ended successfully. More than successfully!

28.01.2016, 09:12

Crowdfunding SWISS Bean to Bar

Support small scale, artisan processing of raw cocoa to chocolate!

26.01.2016, 08:50

Chocolate 100% from Basel

With cocoa from the tropical house of the botanical garden in Basel, we have created genuine chocolate from Basel.

26.01.2016, 08:48

For our SWISS Bean to Bar long-term project, we went on an exciting trip to Ghana in september 2015.

16.10.2015, 11:44

Chocolate bars from our own artisan production

From spring 2016 on, we want to begin production of our own chocolate. Bean to Bar means we process cocoa beans from roasting all along the process to until the finished chocolate - in Basel.

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