Chocolate 100% from Basel

Thanks to cocoa from the botanical garden in Basel ...

Chocolate 100% from Basel

With cocoa from the tropical house of the botanical garden in Basel, we have created genuine chocolate from Basel.

The decade-old cocoa tree in the tropical house of the botanical garden of the university of Basel is a regular and generous source for cocoa pods. In close collaboration with the botanical gardens team, REHMANN Schokolade was able to "harvest" some twenty pods. The seeds inside the pods were fermented in Basel, painstakingly roasted, broken, winnowed and ground for many hours. Finally after a long process of passion and dedication the chocolate was conched. From 605g of usable raw cocoa, 2050g of real Basler milk-chocolate have been produced.


The proceeds from the sale of the Basler milch-chocolate will be allocated to the DRACULA FOREST RESERVE project. The project, located in Ecuador, is supported by the botanical garden of the University of Basel.

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