Crowdfunding SWISS Bean to Bar

Starting on 1st of Februar 2016!

Crowdfunding SWISS Bean to Bar

Support small scale, artisan processing of raw cocoa to chocolate!

Through the crowdfunding platform, we are trying to close the financing gap for our project "SWISS Bean to Bar". Our campain runs from 1st of february to 2nd of march 2016.


For the research and development of making chocolate, up to date more than a thousand hours of work and considerable financial resources have been spent. In order to take the next big hurdle, we have to invest once again. For the purchase of chocolate moulds, machinery and packaging material, CHF 12,000 are needed, as well as the support of all those who share our passion for cocoa.


We consider the crowdfunding as pre-sale activity of our future chocolates. It is therefore not a donation campaign. We provide attractive rewards for any financial support.

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