Partial discontinuation of REHMANN Schokolade

After 6 years we decided with a heavy heart to give up parts of REHMANN chocolate. This concerns the production of our own chocolate specialties. Remaining stocks of bean to bar chocolates are available at XOCOLATL ( based in Basel.

The reasons for the discontinuation of our own production are of family and economic nature. Unfortunately, we were unable to take the next major and necessary step in growth because of these two issues. In order to ensure a sustainable future for our small company, it would have been imperative to implement a growth plan with substantial investments. In particular, making our chocolate production visible would have met a great need on the market, but would also have entailed considerable costs.

Our services relating to the subject of "chocolate courses" and our trading activities with equipment, machines and raw materials will continue. The discontinuation of the production of our cocoa specialities does NOT affect and/or the courses.




We would like to thank all our customers and partners for their loyalty and support over the past years. 


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